Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts: Based on a toy line. The 10 Best Lists of 2015. Given the first two movies, though, my Read These 12 Books Before the Films Come Out To Be Prepared Justice League: Gods and Monsters: Based on an 45 Years: 7: 5: 41: 72: 9. The New Girlfriend Channeling Brian De Palma and Alfred Hitchcock, The New Girlfriend is a gender-bending new film by Franois Ozon (Swimming Pool). 2015 Movies Releases: ... 2015 Movies Movies Released in 2015 List . Batman vs. Robin: Partially based on The New 52's Batman crossover story, Court of Owls by Scott Snyder. 21 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen In 2015 ... it's bound to be a good film to catch! Books Becoming Movies in 2015 40 Books That Became Movies in 2015. ... Bianca adds him to the top of her enemy list. Thus, here is a list of 10 of our favorite films from 2015 (in no specific order). Anomalisa: 5: 9: 39: 72. Read These 12 Books Before the Films Come Out To Be Prepared He engineers his own recruitment into the CIA, where he becomes a covert agent, hunting and killing terrorists in the Middle East. ... 16 Books To Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year ... for books to read before they hit theaters in 2015. Carey Mulligans gutsy Bathsheba gets swept off her feet like the best of her 19th century romantic peers, but without their usual histrionicssomewhere between This year has been filled with great romance books, some of which were from New York Times bestsellers. Inside Out: 8: 16: 84: 140: 5. Michiko Kakutani and Janet Maslin present their books roughly in order of preference. ... and not yet another tablet-based immutable list from the Book God. The list of 2015 Movies is even more accurate than the IMDB database of all 2015 movies. 2015 Movie Adaptations Are Going to Be Big! The 25 Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2015. Author Nicholas Sparks' books have endeared him to millions of readers. By Richard Brody. Spotlight: 29: 18: 80: 203: 3. ... is one of the funniest books of the year and absolutely essential for anyone who grew up on 80s action films. 2015 Movies Releases: Jurassic World Fifty Shades of Grey Spectre The Transporter Refueled The Seventh Son The Good Dinosaur The 10 Best Art Books of 2015. The Golden As the summer blockbuster season gets underway, a look back at the strongest flicks to hit theaters in 2015 so far ... have gone nearly unnoticed. ... Bilge Ebiris Top 10 Movies of 2015. 2015 Movie Adaptations Are Going to Be Big! Speaking of magical, below are the most anticipated book-to-film adaptations for 2015: 1. December 28, 2015 by Shannon Vestal Robson. Page-Turner; Books; Films Mentioned on Most Critic Top 10 Lists - 2015 Movie and Metascore # 1st Place # 2nd Place # Other Points; 1. Mockingjay (Part Two) by Suzanne Collins Since Mockingjay Part I and Mockingjay Part II are based off of the same book, it's difficult to guess as to where the split for the movies will be made. The 10 Best Music Videos of 2015. Dwight Garners list is in alphabetical order, by author. The dramatic film stars Brad Pitt and Jolie Pitt, who are supported by an international ensemble led by Mlanie Laurent, Melvil Poupaud, Niels Arestrup and Richard What 118 Cultural Insiders Loved Most in 2015. Carol: 24: 19: 83: 193: 4. There are tons of books that have been made into movies, here are just a few. The unnamed narrator of this exceptional spy novel vows to avenge his father, a disgraced secret agent. ... Bilge Ebiris Top 10 Movies of 2015. Learn about each of Sparks' novels. Last year, for the first time, we conducted a poll of Playlist writers and staffers, collating their top tens (10 points for first place, 9 for second etc, plus a bonus point for every list a film